IoD 2019

Potential life lost indicator -Indices of Deprivation (IoD) 2019- measures premature death, defined as death before the age of 75 from any cause (the commonly used measure of premature death). This includes death due to disease as well as external causes such as accidents, unlawful killing and deaths in combat. The indicator was based on mortality data covering the period 2013 to 2017, provided by the Office for National Statistics. The denominator was the 2013 to 2017 mid-year population estimates (minus the prison population) in five-year age-sex bands. The level of unexpected mortality was weighted by the age of the individual who has died. The unexpected death of a younger person therefore has a greater impact on the overall score than someone who is older, even if their death is also unexpected. The indicator was directly age and sex standardised in five-year age-sex bands: comparing the actual number of deaths in an area to what would be expected given the area's age and sex structure. Shrinkage was applied to the indicator. A higher score indicates that an area is experiencing high levels of deprivation.