Climate vulnerability

& Arts

Piece title: 'Humans Playing God'

By artist: Orange Ibreck


  • Climate justice and transference

  • We never really lose anything

  • How we pass our burden and risks to marginalised people and places

The piece produced was the map of Leeds using different textures including fabric, cardboard, and paper. Bottles were attached with a fishing wire so they couldn't be taken past a certain distance. Participants were invited to draw their favourite places, animals, and people, and add them to the areas they live, go to school, work or spend time in. Participants were asked to choose a bottle and move it away from their home, but plastic bottles were only able to move as far as the edges of the map. The artist and the researcher explained to participants how we want to pass our burden to our neighbours, but our waste doesn't go away...

We are all connected. Whatever we do at home has repercusisions outside (e.g. pilling up waste). This in turn affects our homes as it keeps accelerating climate change. There are homes more susceptible than others to be affected by climate change impacts. If we identify where we need to work, it is more likely that we will put efforts into climate-proof our homes. Do you live in hotter areas of the city? or by the river? Participants were given a QRS code to access the climate vulnerability website and explore the challenges of their homes to identify the opportunities to improve.